Can dating scans give wrong dates

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Can dating scans give wrong dates

Although his description of the animals turned out to be a misunderstanding rather than an outright lie, Herodotus later asserted in Book Three that the “ants” were predators of adult camels, hunting and devouring them. In Book Two, Herodotus gives lengthy descriptions of Egypt, discussing the Nile River, mummification, Egyptian gender roles, animals, and holy festivals.However, most historians doubt whether Herodotus ever actually visited Egypt.Anthropologists in 2013 used CT scans of mummies and three-dimensional reconstructions to discredit Herodotus’s description of the Egyptian embalming process as inaccurate and not representative of what actually happened.We don’t know exactly what sources Herodotus used to get his information on Egyptian customs, but he most likely relied heavily on conversations with locals (who didn’t speak Greek), such as the people of Chemmis (the modern-day Egyptian city of Akhmim).Herodotus said that after these giant ants would dislodge the gold dust from the sand, the locals would collect the dust.For centuries, historians criticized this claim as outright fabricated until the 1990s, when a French explorer discovered that a marmot (a type of large squirrel) which lived in the Himalayas (India and Pakistan) spread gold dust when it dug the earth.His stated goal was to record what people told him, even if he didn’t necessarily believe what he heard.

To further convince his readers that his writings about the cyclopes and griffins are accurate, Herodotus uses a little linguistic evidence: He says that the Scythians (Iranian nomads) call cyclopes “Arimaspoi” because in the Scythian language, means “eye.” Unless and until archaeological evidence uncovers one-eyed humans and a half-lion, half-eagle creature, Herodotus is plain wrong.

Yes, it’s true that the Persian army was significantly larger than the Greek forces, and it’s accurate that the Greeks did conquer the Persians at Marathon.

However, the numbers Herodotus uses are exaggerated on such a large scale that historians feel the need to investigate the accuracy of the rest of his accounts of military affairs.

For example, he gives detailed descriptions of the three great pyramids yet fails to mention the Sphinx, a highly suspect omission.

(If he actually saw the pyramids, then he definitely would have seen the Sphinx.) Additionally, Herodotus writes about embalming, describing the three methods ranging from most expensive to least expensive.

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