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It also gives false hope to the hoards of desperate males from Harvard and MIT that work up the courage to brave the Senate bus—a.k.a.

While Wellesley is highly tolerant of differing views on sexuality—and this is a wonderful thing—it is absurd to stereotype its student body as decadently promiscuous or choc full of lesbians uniformly hostile to stay-at-home motherhood. Download the complete Boston College Student Sexual Misconduct Policy.Please note: These files are Adobe Reader® (PDF) formatted files.In the article’s words: “Women arrive nearly topless, or wearing only Saran Wrap or body paint (which inevitably sweats off by the end of the night).” Some journalists have even extended their unfair characterization of Wellesley as a weapon to level ad hominem broadsides at alumnus Hillary Clinton.In the 2005 book “The Truth About Hillary,” author Edward Klein tries to damage Clinton politically by pointing to Hillary’s time at Wellesley, the bastion of radical feminism and lesbianism, as evidence of her lesbianism.

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