Decoding dating profiles calliat dating

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Decoding dating profiles

Five of the webpages within this site list glass manufacturers’ identification marks (alphabetically listed) found on container glass (bottles, jars, flasks, jugs, etc) and in some cases on other types of glassware.

I hope this site will be a help in your quest to discover more information concerning the wide world of glass and glass manufacturing.

Herodotus, [Book 7.153-2] Herodotus was an ancient Greek writer who lived during the 5th century BC. The ancient city of Aspendos was a major commercial center in Roman times.

The recent excavations of a large shop complex with offices and storage facilities dating back some 2,000 years provide more... Sweatman and Dimitrios Tsikritsis, titled 'Decoding Göbekli Tepe with archaeoastronomy: What does the fox say?

To read any of the “glass manufacturer profiles” I’ve posted (so far), and other articles pertaining to glass, please look along the right-hand side of any page for the list of , and click on any link in that list.

I hope to add more information as time and energy permits! factories, a few Canadian and Mexican factories are listed also. If you have additional information, please contact me (at the email address listed at the very bottom of any page on this site) as I’m continually looking for the most available on these companies.

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It was extremely hot (especially in the warmer months), noisy, and dangerous for a number or reasons.

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