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Life phone dating

“Then I can tell if conversation with the other person will flow.“I definitely go second dates before making up my mind, you’re more relaxed and you start being yourself.”Jill says that giving herself the chance of having a second date meant she was able to not only find partners but also of meeting ‘amazing friends’ along the way.“I’ve found many times the other person makes a great friend.“I’ve made amazing friends that I still see or talk to.

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Also I was meeting men of a similar age who also had children, so it made it really difficult.”Life coach and Daily Express columnist Carole Ann Rice says it’s important to find yourself in a happy place before you venture out on dates.“First of all make sure you got over any emotional baggage or issues that you feel arose in your previous relationship,” she says.

“Because unless you learnt what went wrong before, in a long term relationship, you will bring those same issues or put up with those same issues as you move forward.”For Carole Ann, understanding what went wrong in a previous marriage is key to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes again.

For Jill, 42, starting afresh after splitting from her husband of 16 years meant she had to navigate a new world completely unknown to her.

She got together with her former husband when she was aged just 20 and soon went on to have two children.

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I was really quite energetic in the beginning, but after a while it got tiresome.“I felt I was always putting on this dressed up version of me, and it became quite expensive doing my hair at the salon so often.”After shifting her focus on herself, Jill has reached a more relaxed mindset when it comes to meeting new people.“I now go on one or two dates a month,” she says. Now dates come along and if it happens great but I don’t view it in the same way as I did when I first started.

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