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The Colloquium includes sessions and speakers on how to internationalize the engineering curriculum, how to get started, how to assess and evaluate and features case studies of successful programs and best practices.Type: Industry Association Themes: Education, Training Primary membership: Universities - Number of members: Not found WFEO Member: No Last updated: February 2014 Website: Headquarters: Virginia, USA Description: The Global Anti-Corruption Education & Training (ACET) project is a collaborative effort led by a worldwide team of educators, engineering professionals, and communicators.Search, filter and open/close results for an insight into engineering and to reach out to relevant organisations to further your aims, to collaborate and to grow.Website: Headquarters: Ontario, Canada Description: Aboriginal Access to Engineering at Queen’s University is committed to increasing the number of Aboriginal engineers in Canada.In addition, 24.000 students of technology or natural sciences are TEK members.

Council members ’“ numbering more than 5,000 firms representing more than 500,000 employees throughout the country ’“ are engaged in a wide range of engineering works that propel the nation's economy, and enhance and safeguard America's quality of life.

AAES member societies represent the mainstream of U. engineering ’” engineers in industry, government, and academia.

Type: Professional: National Themes: Electrical Primary membership: Professional Institutions - Number of members: 17 WFEO Member: National Last updated: February 2014 Website: Headquarters: Bogota, Colombia Description: The ASIBEI with its fully agreed targets, and formalized institutionally, has represented since its foundation provides a high value for academic institutions and the Ibero-American world order, highlighted by his work on issues such as quality assurance in higher education engineering curriculum guidelines and the Ibero-American engineer, among many other topics.

It encompasses a very wide range of national and international groups that bring together different actors, disciplines, issues and geographic regions.

This tool by WFEO can help you to explore the membership organisations that make up the engineering profession.

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These works allow Americans to drink clean water, enjoy a healthy life, take advantage of new technologies, and travel safely and efficiently.

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