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It seemed like fun, if a bit overwhelming, to shop for dates the way I might hunt for boots at Single friends and colleagues were meeting interesting people left and right and striking up passionate romances with people they’d met online.(“How about we get some tea and do the crossword like an old married couple?” is an actual suggestion from a 50-plus member, which makes me a little depressed. ) Mande, who has been on that site for two months, said she got only two responses to her posts suggesting such dates as a jazz concert at LACMA and lunch by the pool at the Loew’s on Ocean Avenue — both from younger men. Her profile is witty and charming, with stunning photos.

(MORE: Why Middle Age Is the Best Time to Fall in Love) My Life in Five Sentences Thanks to Mande and Jill, I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for a free trial with How About, which necessitated my creating a Gmail account to absorb the shrapnel.

Another factor fueling this online dating trend: Newly single midlifers don’t feel like there are many options for meeting other singles.

We don’t generally hang out in bars, our friends don’t throw parties every weekend (and the ones we go to seem populated with couples).

Mande hasn’t found her man yet, but she hasn’t lost her enthusiasm.

She said she loved How About We’s unique format, which lets users post and respond to potential dates rather than cruise profiles.

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The dating services are well aware of the data: 30 percent of (the 80 million) boomers are single, and we comprise 20 percent of the online dating community.