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It's next to impossible to apply blanket troubleshooting steps to service packs for all programs, but uninstalling and reinstalling the software should be a first step if you're not sure what else to try.

Installing SP3 has always been a highly debated issue.

Checking to see what service pack is installed on your Windows operating system is really easy.

Just see What Service Pack Do I Have Installed in Windows?

Viruses can be transferred by Flash Drive or a self burned CD.

You should still have antivirus on non-Internet connected computers.

Service packs often include new features in addition to fixes.

Even though service packs contain lots of updates in one package, you don't have to manually install each update on your own.

An installed service pack also tends to update the version number for Windows.

This is the See our Windows Version Numbers list for more on that.

This is usually due to the fact that the service pack updates take much longer to download and install than a single patch, so there are more instances where an error could occur.

Also, because service packs do have lots of updates in one package, the odds increase that one of them will interfere with another application or driver that's already on the computer.

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See How to Fix Problems Caused by Windows Updates if you've experienced an issue after or before the service pack has finished installing, like the update freezing and not installing all the way.

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