Gossip girl chuck and vanessa dating

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Gossip girl chuck and vanessa dating

Why did you use the final song of finale as your final finale song? It was that moment of joy and closure and really feel like the show was ending and then start it back up again.

After that song ends and we pull out of the window of our townhouse, "Kill Me" by Pretty Reckless, Taylor Momsen's band, comes up, and we're back out in the street with a new crop of kids and the voice of Gossip Girl is back.

Dan was almost (accidentally) revealed as Gossip Girl in the very first episode.

It was all very dramatic with him coming in the back door so the paparazzi wouldn't see him and we shot inside. Was that expected or were you disappointed that happened?We saw a glimpse this year of her philanthropic powers.Her ability to raise money and get behind causes, and that's probably what she's doing. It's Florence and the Machine covering that Source song.We wanted to write a season-five finale that would point us in the right direction.But for me and Josh Schwartz, we always felt that those guys were endgame for each other. Some people were upset that Lily and Rufus didn't end up together. When you think about the core of Lily's character, she really tried to make it work with Rufus but at the end of the day, that was too hard for her.

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Bart Bass was a little bit too psychotic and William kind of split the difference.

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