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Carole radziwill dating

“After he moved out, a few months later, we thought, ‘We need to give each other a little bit of space,’ ” Radziwill told host Andy Cohen. I feel like if I think about the phases of my life that have been the most creative and most expansive, it’s those times that I haven’t been attached to anyone.I like to feel free.” Just because they’re “taking a moment” doesn’t mean they haven’t spent time together. While our favorite Bravolebrities are an open book when it comes to their romantic lives today, some have tried to keep their past relationships out of the spotlight.

I’m not that girl.” FROM PEN: Andy Cohen’s Pick For The Most Absurd ‘Real Housewives’ Business Ever She explained more on Wednesday’s reunion, though denied Kenworthy’s exit from her apartment played any part in the bit picture of their pairing.

In an episode this season, Radziwill is seen telling co-star Bethenny Frankel about a previous court appearance in which she helped Kenworthy out with his landlord issue. It appears to me to be a typical landlord trying to take advantage of a tenant.

The problems at Kenworthy’s apartment, however, persisted. I was tired of being leered at by the dozens of construction workers on scaffolding right outside of his bedroom window,” Radziwill told Page Six in a statement. I can only imagine how many other people are going through the same thing.

“He moved in because he was in-between apartments,” Radziwill said.

“That’s why I kept saying, ‘We’re not living together, we’re shacking up.’ ” So what happened?

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