Outlook public folders not updating

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I use free syncless https://code.google.com/p/big5sync/ it hooks to system and if in seamless mode, sync files in real time.

It makes files and folders appear to be in two places at once even though it's really only in one place. It's working quite well, though it's not syncing correctly if a large number of files is changed within a few moments (e.g. But as I've not found something better, I'll still stick with it.I want to synchronise two folders in real time under Windows 7.Basically, I want to monitor a folder and synchronise each change (new files, changed files, deleted files) to another drive. The nice thing about using a pure windows solution is that the windows api has events you can hook into to get an event the moment something changes, which is much less error prone than scanning files/directories like some open source tools do.Use Win SCP's "Keep remote directory up to date" function!You will need a little tweaking on the transfer options to set up always binary, exclude files (typically svn or git files and similar) etc.

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You may need to rebuild the index to solve some of your Outlook 2010 search problems. You don’t need to exit out of Outlook 2010, because you can access the indexing options within the program. Access Indexing options directly from Outlook by going to File You will have to allow some time for the Index to be rebuilt.