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The issue, in our opinion, comes when you actually try to do it.There is very limited data on the success rates of ACN Independent Representatives.What we essentially do by taking responsibility for our own feelings and behaviour is put us on equal footing with others, so ironically, this fear that some of us have is basically a fear of being equal.It’s not wanting to recognise that everyone has their own life to lead and also has their own needs, desires, expectations, feelings, opinions, motivations, experiences and purpose.

They be and do stuff because they have it ‘give’ not because they hope that it will create a tipping point.Because we are willing to extend ourselves to such a degree that we’d forget about us including our own values and boundaries, we can feel perplexed and in fact shortchanged, by people not wanting to pay up the debt created by us not having our own back.-feel, worrying excessively about other people’s feelings and behaviour and making themselves responsible for those said feelings and behaviour, resulting in going about trying to be and do things to influence and control it.‘Putting you first’ doesn’t mean that you are selfish; it means that you recognise that you cannot ignore or deprioritise you and expect to have a self left.You cannot enjoy healthy relationships with others or have anything left for you, if you’re drained out or broken down.

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