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Ang dating daan debate 2016

We have walked by for several years, intrigued and excited, yet intimidated by the overhanging fingertips corner crux and stories of climbers thwarted by the steep opening pitch. For Southeast locals, this obscure meteorological measurement is an obsession.

Outside my home, the predawn air feels thick, moist, and windless, conditions NC climbers know well. Heat and humidity are easy to manage, but the dew point—that ephemeral moment when water vapor transforms back into liquid, rendering the rock surface more slip-n-slide than climbing medium—is not.

(The Old Path) is famous for its Worldwide Bible Exposition: a no-holds barred question and answer portion where any visitor can ask questions on the spot to the program’s main host, Bro. It is a first of its kind and probably the only religious program that runs unscripted ever since it was first heard over the radio in 1980 and on television in 1983.

On Friday, 10th of June 2016, will hit another milestone for hosting the first known Biblical symposium to stream live through the massive social media platform, Facebook — where questions from across the globe will be answered by the program’s hosts, Bro. Daniel Razon of the Members Church of God International (MCGI).

Steep walls on either side of the chasm push in closer and gravity pulls harder as we maneuver around moss-covered boulders.

From here, the trail grinds up to the eastern gorge rim along steep, knee-cracking switchbacks through a canopy marred by multiple wildfires. Mentally, I am not ready to pad up the void well above gear on North Carolina’s overhanging quartzite, nor for the physical beat-down the steep, vegetated approaches provide. Alone in the kitchen at a.m., I wipe up peanut butter as I make my sandwich for the day.Three hundred feet down the gully, we face a decision: negotiate a short fifth-class downclimb that is currently a waterfall or rappel 100 feet from an old-growth conifer.Decision made: As we rig our ropes, two climbers emerge from the fog. A shrug of the shoulders and a delayed, noncommittal response reveals their objective: (5.11), put up rope solo in 2005 by Nathan Brown, a prolific first ascensionist.

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They are quick to share twinkly-eyed accounts of favorite routes with near-photographic memory—describing a no.