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As a blonde, blue-eyed woman of average height, I get asked out a lot more, though I'm not 100% sure dating's actually any easier!

Brett: I'm 5'8", so I've always felt I'm in this weird middle ground of not really knowing if I'm "short" or not.

Or guys can also be completely dismissive once they see me in person and say, "You seem much taller in your photos" or "I didn't realize how short you were until you got off that stool." I recently had one guy actually look over my head to see if the person he was meeting was someone else besides me. But of course in a completely contradictory way, I'm usually attracted to men who are much, much taller than I am.

They make endless unwarranted comments, trying to reassure me that I don't seem "too tall" or "too big." They'll say, "You carry it well," or "Just don't wear heels and you're fine." They act shocked when I say I'm six feet, and beg me to stand back-to-back. These comments also imply that there's a cutoff at which a woman's height becomes unattractive and unacceptable — and that luckily, I fall below it.Post that, he went French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts Camp, Hancock, New York.Singer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, Occasional actor, Musician on both the sides of his family (father and maternal grandfather). Chad travels with Maroon on tours and Adam feels better if he goes in front of the public after doing an hour of yoga, during concerts.Plus, navigating the world of dating is already a mess, so being on an extreme end of any physical spectrum doesn't exactly make it any easier.Kevin: I'm not one to complain about being short, because once you realize you can shop in the children's section and climb on top of things to get to out-of-reach objects, you're pretty much on a level playing field with the rest of the world. I think a lot of guys fetishize the height gap and say things like, "I'm so into you because you're so short," or "It's really hot knowing that I could lift you up in bed," etc.

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That's low-key why I always feel the need to have my hair with a bit of body — to make up for lost ground.

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