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Xml Reader Settings reader Settings = new Xml Reader Settings(); reader Settings. When you have saved your XML into memory, you need to seek to the start of the stream.

Is there any way to tell XMLValidating Reader where the schema file is, or am I missing anything? NET 2.0 you should not use Xml Validating Reader for XSD schema validation, rather use an Xml Reader with the proper Xml Reader Settings e.g. Otherwise, when you validate, the validation will start where the save left off - at the end of your data.Also, you need to make sure that you dispose of readers and streams properly.the changes are somewhat similar to what were initially suggested the Xml Validating Reader was using the following constructor call will have to change you validation code to something like this the xmlreader.create will take this call which you will supply the xml string ok ragi your process did help me a lot and i don't see any warnings or error.i wrote a function (see below), but i am not sure as this will be the exact replica of what it's suppose to do.

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See the Xml Reader Settings Universal Windows Platform Available since 8 .

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