Noh min woo dating

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Noh min woo dating

It started out really good and ends up getting better and better with each episode. Beyond your average contractual marriage K-drama prototypes, Because This Is My First Life has indeed significantly changed my perspective towards life, love, marriage and relationships.This show is not only for those who are married or are in their 30s or so. It wasnt just a drama, for what it granted me with was nothing short of perfection.In general, Agreements are contradictory to the ground reality but they still making regulations in it... I think It's not necessary to repeat good dramas as good, wonderful, refreshing etc ... Really loveeeeeeeeeee the phrase " Because This is My First Life" . However like the Scarecrow, he possesses common sense, quick wittiness, and remarkable insight.Whenever i feel down and stress about a lot of things .... Wonseok is the lion because he was cowardly like the lion.I just need to remember HEEY this is a first life for all of us. This drama really give me strength from time to time. He was supported by Ho Rang for seven years and she basically "raised" him. Won Seok always made a cowardly bravado to make him feel dependable when in fact he isn't.I believe this drama will be remembered in many years to come I couldn't agree more with @Austin. This drama is well written and the special effects were well placed.I recommend this drama as it is a refreshing story compared to others. At the end of ep, I always wanted to know what happened next. Two drama that make me watch all ep without give up this years (usually I give up watching kdrama halft way because the drama getting slow or boring) the deserving of the name and this drama. It was a very long waiting for desperately and impatiently waiting for every week just to watch the next two episodes.For me, this drama better than DOTS and goblin(of course this only my opinion) I first noticed so min in some other drama. Now, I am able to breathe and smile for the entire life. The script was so written well and incredibly touching deep to my heart.

I felt that she can do more eye contact when talking to other characters instead of looking away. Hope that there will be a season 2 as I am hooked on this program. It's awesome, and I replay this drama three times just to review and find the missing part, but there's nothing to complain, until 14th. To the main leads, you made me fallen deep into this drama. The main lead male, I never seen him before, as well as some other actors and actresses in this drama as well.

Nam Se-Hee (Lee Min-Ki) is a single man in his early 30's. He owns his home, but he owes a lot on his mortgage. I need second season for this drama, please writernim, directornim, producernim.

Yoon Ji-Ho (Jung So-Min) is a single woman in her early 30's. She has given up on dating due to her financial struggles. "Parenting" or "pregnancy" theme for second season would be great.

when i saw her in this drama, i decided to watch it just for just so pretty as she gets older. I just want to thank all the casts whom have been putting their effort in making this drama beautiful and awesome.

i kept watching and watching because so min is so good in her acting and conveying the emotions, especially during the narratives...of course the story line is quite unique compared to other k dramas.......... it was one of the most lit dramas I have seen in a while. one of my favorite drama :* if u want a intresting drama..u will get bore to see this.u want to learn something then make sure to watch "BTIMFL" it tells u about relations..and marriage and room no. from my view this is the one of the best drama..amazing. And you'll learn Respect between each other more important than love in marriage life. Drama story itself is so different and one of the best I've ever watched. Thank god we have been gifted with incredibly amazing writer of this drama. -A lot of love from Malaysia ^^ This drama was pretty good.

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If you watched "Shut of flower boy band" ( playful teenager who love music and also a band leader)you can understand how talented He is. I do think that this is more suitable for those who are 20 and above.