Updating nameservers failed please try again 421

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Graylisting generates a temporary error on purpose and waits for the sending server to come back later and try to deliver the email again.A normal server, waits a while, tries again and then succeeds in delivering the mail. If you accept this registration fee, re-send the create Domain Request and add the parameters accept Premium Fee with value 1 . 1006 Invalid field for the address for the SSL certificate! 321 Domains with this extension cannot be traded 322 Domains with this extension cannot be transferred 323 This is an internal transfer 324 This domain cannot be renewed yet 325 This domain is already renewed 326 This domain is already in your account 327 This domain already exists in Openprovider but NOT active 328 This domain is locked 329 Locking not possible for extension 330 Empty owner handle! 371 application mode is out of the current date 372 Invalid default billing handle! 374 Domain `additional Data` parameter is missing 375 Domain `additional Data` parameter is invalid 376 Restore operation is not allowed for this domain 377 Wrong application mode 378 Domain preregistration is closed for this TLD 379 You are about to register the premium domain. 1005 Empty field for the address for the SSL certificate!

3027 Invalid virtualization specified 3028 Invalid type specified 3029 Invalid pack specified 3999 Unknown error. You can read more about the ASSP spam system we have installed in all our c Panel servers searching about it in this Knowledgebase.0 No errors 1 No changes in the data 10 Registry currently not reachable 11 ERROR CODA response error 12 This is not an error. That means that subsequent emails from the same sender to the same recipient will be delivered without delay.If someone sending you an email is receiving this error then this means you have enabled the Delaying Filter in the "ASSP Spam and Virus Protection" section in your c Panel.

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If you are receiving this error after send an email to another external destination email address this means, the same way we have in our server, they have a spam blocking system which use Graylisting (or Delaying) method to stop spam.

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