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Rcmp dating site

But when there is a match to a RCMP criminal holding processing times can take up to or exceed 120 days How do I verify the status of my application ?

If your application has taken longer than the times indicated and you require an update on the status of your application, please email RCMP at [email protected] providing ONLY the following information:then RCMP will respond to your email.

What is the validity of Criminal Background Check ?

See section 12— Handling of data collected during deployments. A tracking warrant is required to locate a specific mobile device, unless there are exigent circumstances.

How long Certified Criminal Record check valid for ?

How fast I can get the results for criminal background check / CPIC / Police Clearance letter ?

Do you also provide trditional ink based fingerprints ?

Yes we do provide traditional ink based fingerprints if it requested or individual have requirement for ink and roll fingerprints. After 90 days, the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services destroys fingerprint submissions relative to civil screening (including vulnerable sector checks) when the search process is completed.

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