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Dating statistics average age frequency

Was it, as the Bible might imply, 5700-plus years, or was it the 15 billions of years that's accepted by the scientific community?

The first thing we have to understand is the origin of the Biblical calendar.

Two-thirds of the scientists gave the same answer: "Beginning? Aristotle and Plato taught us 2400 years ago that the universe is eternal.

The trend becomes to bend the Bible to match the science.) So the only data I use as far as Biblical commentary goes is ancient commentary.Over the course of human evolution, selection pressures have produced mechanisms that keep sexual partners attached to each other for an extended period, motivate them to remain in a committed relationship and engage in co-parenting behaviors following an offspring’s birth.Humans, for example, tend to have sex in private and to sleep together afterwards.However, human offspring are vulnerable throughout an exceptionally prolonged development period.Hence, in ancestral environments, sexual partners needed to stay together long enough to jointly care for their offspring during the period of maximum vulnerability, thereby increasing the offspring’s chances of survival and future reproductive success.

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One of the most obvious perceived contradictions between Torah and science is the age of the universe.