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Chatters suggested correcting lightly and often, negotiating what and when to correct with the students, and using recordings to help the students self-correct.Another area we touched on briefly was that of discipline, although it wasn’t generally felt to be a big problem, there can be issues such as time-keeping, overuse of L1 and a tendency to ask too many personal questions.Some chatters said that they invited guests into their classrooms by using skype, moodle or voxopop chat (see link at the end).Another suggested swapping students occasionally with other teachers to provide variety.It was felt that there may be need for more variety of materials and topics in a 1-2-1 class, and that it may be necessary to plan more activities and switch more quickly from activity to activity, being ready to ditch activities if they aren’t successful, especially with younger learners.It was considered important to find out what the student is interested in (sports, music, cinema) and what learning styles and approaches they prefer.The lack of variety in the interaction, with the teacher needing to participate and monitor at the same time, was seen as a potential problem, but a lot of chatters agreed that recording speaking tasks (e.g.

It was felt that silence, thinking time and processing time were all important and some teachers felt more comfortable with silences in a 1-2-1 context.

Chatters felt that this could be countered by setting boundaries, establishing clear rules about use of L1 and time-keeping and not asking students for any information that we would not be willing to give about ourselves. We finished off with a brainstorm of favourite activity types And last, but definitely not least, an enormous thank you to the moderators, Marisa Constantides, Shaun Wilden and Shell Terrell, for your great work, and to all the eltchatters who took part in yet another great conversation. A short article on Teaching one-to-one in the BBC/British Council Think series English Attack – recommended for encouraging teens to use English outside the classroom Jason Renshaw’s voxopop talk group by Tim Murphey Longman one chatter recommended the OUP series Business one: by Ceri Jones Marisa Constantinides is a teacher, teacher educator, conference presenter and ELT author.

She is the Director of CELT Athens , a CELTA & DELTA centre in Athens offering face-to-face and online courses.

The conversation kicked off with chatters listing their general attitudes to 1-2-1 classes and this grew into a sizeable list of advantages: These were the main issues we discussed, more or less in the order they were first raised: The approach to needs analysis often depends on the client (and not necessarily the student) and some chatters talked about conducting needs analysis interviews or distributing questionnaires before the course started, although this also has it drawbacks.

Students don’t always respond and it was noted that they don’t always know how to identify their needs.

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It was thought to be particularly valuable as input for lower level students.

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