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Mega dating ru

But in the same arena is another seller, who goes by the name "Peace" -- a hacker who made a name for himself by selling different sets of stolen data from Fling, Linked In, Badoo, and

And Twitter on Thursday was the latest to deny it had been hacked -- though Leaked Source, which analyzed the data, was clear to say it did not think Twitter had been hacked (despite a slew of headlines suggesting otherwise). With one list of credentials, it's easy to repackage a supposed "hack" as another breach -- simply by trading lists of one genuine batch of records.Though no breach data had appeared online, many claimed their accounts had nonetheless been compromised."Are these serious incidents possibly conditioning us to automatically assume the worst?Tessa88, who would strictly only talk to me in Russian, also claims to have accounts for,, and Mobango -- among others -- which range from 10 (about ,780) to 15 bitcoin (about ,670) in price.When we asked for a sample to verify, she asked us for bitcoin -- something we declined to do.

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Sometimes it's to pass off old data as new data to make money, or to show off a hacker's prowess and proficiency.

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