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I told her to blow me first and she did but i gotta tell you, she was not good, barely able to suck well and cannot get past the half point. We'd hung out a few times in high school and in college. I smirked at him, and he admitted that he was impressed that I didn't flinch. And then he confessed he was intrigued by the way I took a spanking. He calls me a whore, and reminds me of how filthy I am for showing off for my cousin.

I was hard so i said fuck it, I put my dick and shoved it up her missionary style and there's an angle you do to hit the gspot so i got her to cum 3 times (not bragging but those that read, positioning in a position is important). I locked eyes with him and said "you have no idea..."Not much later on, after a few more shots, he came and me and whomped down on my ass with a firm, open hand. After all the festivities and we returned to our hometowns, I texted him and asked him if I was imagining things, or if he had touched me quite a bit. We shared kinks back and forth until the conversation reached incest. He even has an uncle he wants to whore me out to, (different family...) and that he's open to sharing a pet.

Just enjoy the collection and post anything we've missed.--RULES: This group defines incest as: vaginal intercourse between amateur blood relatives.

Now, while we were texting, we were sending dirty texts and she really got my mind going. None of us brought swimwear, so we were all in our underwear.

She has a bf but is more than happy to have sex with others which kinda turned me off but in the moment of being face-to-face with sexual tension, it's hard to say no, even if she was my cousin. Anyway, when we got behind the theatre, she really didn't want to waste time. To my alarmed disappointment, he didn't come near me.

This isn't really a confession but I'm spending the weekend with one of the girls on my Tumblr (sluts4use.- look under the Slut11 tag).

We're both into body writing and are looking for words/slogans you'd like to see written on her. We may not use everything but she's into anal, piss, daddy/daughter incest play, creampies, ao that type of thing is acceptable.

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All in all, this was my first time ever having sex with a family member and I have to say, it was awesome (still wish i could get a good blow job but a creampie was just fine). like your mom's best friend who insists you call her auntie?