Dealing with dating an ex stripper

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Dealing with dating an ex stripper

I’m frequently asked how a traditional young lady like myself could connect with a stripper, so here are some reasons why we mesh well together: She doesn’t care what people think To make it as a stripper, you can’t let the stigma of working in that field bring you down. Thankfully, Lauren handles criticism well and is unafraid to call others out.While others see her as the High School Goody Too Shoes Turned Stripper, I see the girl who confronted my bullies in middle school at the cost of her own reputation, which seems invaluable to most pre-teens.Think about it, did it really help your relationship to see all his old messages of him flirting with other women?

With all that said, our social media accounts are OUR accounts and asking another for their password to “do a little snooping” is out of line.Anyways, on his social media at least before we met, he would have pictures shirtless and showing his tats.I guess what you would expect a male stripper to have which women commenting.When I first added him on Instagram (IG), I mentioned his postings to him over the phone and he laughed it off.Based off his posts and who he is in real life, it almost seemed like a completely different person. as a woman I see him doing all the right things and putting in effort to make the relationship work.

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