Hot nurse adult chatbot

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Hot nurse adult chatbot

"There will be a huge amount of publicity when products like this hit the market. As soon as the media starts writing about ‘My fantastic weekend with a sex doll,’ it will be like the i Phone all over again, but the queues will be longer," says David Levy. You’ve probably seen Face App, the viral photo filter app that makes people look old or young or like another gender.It also offered an option to make the photo “hot,” which in practice just made everyone look white by lightening skin, rounding eyes, and shrinking noses, and just generally enforcing racist beauty standards.

“The Image Net project is inspired by a growing sentiment in the image and vision research field — the need for more data,” the site reads.

The test given to this technology, known as the Turing test, is to be able to fool a judge in a five minute text (keyboard-based) conversation.

The chatbot passes if the judge can’t discern if they’re chatting with a human or a machine.

Labeled Faces in the Wild, the one Geitgey used in his grown-ups-only facial recognition project, is a popular data set of celebrity images collected from the web and labeled with the celebrity’s name.

Microsoft Common Objects in Context is a set of more than 300,000 images of everyday objects in natural settings, with the objects highlighted, labeled, and classified.

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Alexa is learning from your voice commands, just as Facebook is learning from the photos you tag.

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