Android digital clock widget not updating articles detaling romance and dating

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Android digital clock widget not updating

[/ac-toggle] [ac-toggle title=”I can only see the Glass Gems style widgets in my Widget menu. ”] New themes are installed automatically and available for you to use in the app as soon as you’ve downloaded them from the Play Store.However, you won’t see the new theme style widgets in your Widget menu.The Glass Gems style widget that you see in your widget menu are just examples for each of the widget sizes.Once you’ve selected a widget size, you’ll be able to switch between themes from inside the app.

Set these apps to ignore HD Widgets and that usually fixes it.[/ac-toggle] [ac-toggle title=”When I check battery usage, HD Widgets seems to be using a lot: anywhere from 3% to 12%! If you’re using HD Widgets and are not using your device for anything else, then our app will seem to use a noticeable percentage of your battery (i.e. If you tap HD Widgets in the list, it will open the Use Details screen and you’ll be able to review CPU total and Keep awake durations to determine if HD Widgets has a lot of activity or not.

This error is usually associated with trying to download/update the app while logged into a different account to the one that the app was purchased with.

[/ac-toggle][ac-toggle title=”I’m using a 2.x, HTC, Samsung Galaxy S5 or Nexus 5 device and I don’t have a Widgets tab. ”] The Widgets tab doesn’t appear on some HTC, Galaxy S5 and Nexus 5 devices.

Samsung have disabled lock screen widgets with pin or password.

If you are using a secure lock screen setting, you won’t be able to use lock screen widgets.

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Third-party launchers are currently catching up to Android 4.0 & ICS/JB.

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