Men addiction to internet dating

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I was single at the time, and I had bought into the lie that sex was a basic, fundamental “need” of which I was deprived.

To hear that God wanted me to give up porn sounded like God wanted me to give up I had to learn that sex, though good and pleasurable, is not life.

Porn is our tantrum at the world that isn’t catering to our desires.

Porn is our outlet for saying, “I’ll get what I want, and no one can tell me otherwise.” In times of guilt and self-loathing, the fantasy world of porn offers false redemption.

If we are feeling guilty, pornography says, “You’re okay just the way you are.

When we are angry that God is not giving us the life we want, we are like the elder brother in the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke -31).

I hated how much I loved it, because I knew it was slowly chipping away at my soul, my relationship with God, and my ability to relate to women.

What fed my love of porn more than anything was the lie that sex was life.

“This is the shameful life I deserve,” we say to ourselves.

Porn is a way to indulge our dark world of self-pity. But when it comes to breaking free, we need the of the gospel to trump the power of sin. We must repent of needing the approval of others (what the Bible calls “the fear of man”), pursue God’s glory above all (1 Corinthians ), and anticipate the glory he promises to those who trust him (John ). But God promises that everything we go through will work for good for those who love Him and are called according to his purpose (Romans ).

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This sense of entitlement drives us back again and again to the world of fantasy where our overworked minds and under-appreciated egos can “get what we deserve.” Porn showcases its “trophy” men and women across the screen, and for a brief moment, we experience that rush of, “Yes!

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  1. My strength is failing, and I must now go in the way of all humans. You must be strong and be a man." Implied in this message is that Solomon was to be strong enough not to go in the way of all men, but to be his own man. Behaving in a manner similar to others in our environment is not wrong, as long as we know that our behavior is right and proper.