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More and more people are creating websites online as a way to express themselves and get in touch with others.Businesses cannot afford not to have websites as a way of reaching more potential customers.Studios always recognize a girls potential and Amy’s was through the roof according to reports by industry insiders.A business savvy person herself, she tried to keep her exposure to a manageable level to keep her career from burning out too quickly.Amy Reid is the daughter of an American soldier who was stationed in Germany where she was born.Her ethnic background is a mix of French Creole and German and that helps give her the olive skin and slightly exotic look that people are familiar with.For most people (including us a few years ago), creating a website is something that only IT geeks are capable of doing.These coders lock themselves in basements, have no friends, and wear thick glasses. built nowadays, and that’s definitely not how coders behave!

You will most likely have to invest quite a bit of time to learn how to use it well, and perhaps you will have to pay some freelancer or Word Press expert to help you set up your website.

To date, Amy Reid has performed in more than 256 movie titles but her scene count is much higher than that.

Many times different studios will release scenes from different titles in compilation videos and she is one of those pornstars who appears in many compilations.

Her all natural body is mostly noted for her big 34DD breasts but her ass and long legs are also remarkable.

In short she has one of the best natural bodies in porn and that’s a title that goes a long way.

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They programmed the website building software so now you literally just have to use your mouse and drag a slideshow, a block of text, images, videos, into the website.

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