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Using heuristics, expenses are curated to help administrators focus on anomalies and high priority items, while processing next-day reimbursements, enforcing company expense policy, reconciling corporate cards, and syncing with accounting software.

Action IQ is changing that with its world class Marketing Activation Platform, dedicated to giving marketers and analysts freedom and speed.

Enabling facility managers to reduce energy waste, sustainability managers to reduce carbon emissions and building occupants to achieve a healthy and comfortable workplace, Callida is reinventing the way commercial buildings work for everyone.

The Callida App lets every occupant have a voice in office comfort ratings that are visualized in real-time on the facility manager’s dashboard and Callida lets the facility manager know when the office is empty to turn down cooling/heating to generate savings with no discomfort.

They are bringing the power of the modern web to a 400-year-old process in order to make research more open, collaborative, accessible, transparent and data-driven. is the New York-based startup dedicated to making dogs and their people happy.

Based in New York City, Action IQ is backed by leading investors including Sequoia Capital and First Mark Capital.

While the Bark Shop is loaded with products for dogs to play, eat, nest and more, Bark Post creates original content for dog people, helping dogs share their stories with the world using the power of humans. Founded in 2013 by Fayez Mohamood, Mahmoud Arram and Max Bennett, Bluecore (originally Trigger Mail) empowers marketers to take meaningful, immediate action on behavioral and product data with speed and simplicity.

Bluecore’s customer experience platform is designed to simplify the process of ingesting and analyzing terabytes of behavioral data to create precise audiences and experiences across channels.

Yet reflecting on our routines, it is clear machine intelligence remains more the stuff of science fiction movies than something that has meaningfully changed the way we work or interact with the world.

How do we actually realize the promise and take the intermediate steps necessary toward the ultimate goal?

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