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Sex chat without logins

On her computer where email from her ex and she was hiding this from me by way of her office. I was also a school employee and had access to her computer w/o her knowing.

This went on for about three months, before I asked about it, I discovered she had a picture of her ex hidden in her planner.

It seems to be a purely physical thing, between them, and I know I'm powerless to stop it. He does things for her that I can't do, hence the "physical affair." I love her too much to leave her, and I don't, myself, want anyone else.

At this point, I'm wondering if I should just look the other way. A few months ago I discovered that my wife of ten years had been having an online affair with an ex-boyfriend that had been going on for 4/5 months.

Anyway, we moved after that year so as to break the connection.

We moved some 500 miles to a new town, and started over.

I was assured that I pleased her immensely and that what we did was just sex and sharing erotica in our love. Like all relationships there are ups and downs and stressfull times.

I did feel a little hurt as I am good and was her best until this.

She always came home with packages and some dinner for me. The next month brought my friends to my door, telling me "stories" they had heard about her. Well, the divorce cost me over 00 and almost two years of my life. Some days it is like it never happened and other days it is in living color. My wife, in our discussions and at my asking told me that she was his best sex.

A beautiful home in the country, both with professional careers, well respected by our peers. I started checking the history and low and behold, I found numerous email accounts that I had no idea about. To drive to with no place in mind and just check into some hotel, watch tv, relax, have a drink and get away solely to be with herself from the tensions of life, work, kids etc. What should I say or do when the time comes (I think it will) that she comes to me and says that she just wants to get away for a day or so.

We started socializing with a new couple that worked with us (yes we all worked at the same company since day one). The morning after the party, I got up early and went on to our computer. Seeing this freaked me out and I recalled how my wife told me a while ago that she wanted to one day just take a day or two and get away herself.

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well the kids are not kids anymore so i guess we will not make 25. It started with my suspicion with my wife ex boyfriend sending a letter to her in the mail, which i found by accident.