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Method #1: Adjusting graphics driver settings NVIDIA Since version 177.84, the NVIDIA drivers have an option for configuring the luma range.You can find the option here: NVIDIA Control Panel - Set Dynamic Range to "Full (0-255)". With the tweak applied, the driver will convert TV levels to PC levels for SD resolution video. Several ATI driver tweaks can be found at: avsforum.If the colors look dull or washed out, then continue reading the other topics on this page for solutions for that specific problem.If you have an ATi video card, this is caused by the driver trying to accelerate WMV decoding and failing.You need to disable DXVA WMV hardware acceleration.

If you are outputting to a CRT TV or projector (or any other device that expects TV levels as input), then you need to adjust the setting under Output levels on the RGB conversion page. In ffdshow video decoder configuration, on the Output page, uncheck YV12. A workaround that often helps is to disable usage of the YV12 colorspace.All methods assume that you are outputting the video to a PC monitor or LCD TV, meaning a device that needs full range luminance (0-255).If you are using an old CRT TV or projector, then read the comments at methods 2 and 3.

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