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Possibly as means for The Phone Police to sting out other boys and girls who had the nerve to tamper with the phone.

Billy had a phone in his cell but it could only take incoming calls and only call back the last number who phoned him, possibly with means of an auto call back button.

Eventually he was caught, arrested and jailed by The Phone Police.

The Phone Police placed him in a prison cell that altered his life's reality outside the building to make look as though he never existed or was nothing but an urban legend.

) to that one that played pretty much every time something happened (Can’s “Vitamin C!

He grew up in Lewsiton, Idaho and appeared in Coca-Cola commercials as a child.

Then eventually in the 1990s two boys named Jake O'Brien and his friend Chris got into the habit of fooling around and making prank phone calls.

They were warned by Jake's older sister Annie that if that kept it up, that the phone police would sooner or later catch them.

In 1998, he opened up a General Nutrition Center, becoming the youngest owner of a GNC store in the company's history.

He placed in the top ten in the Sexiest Bachelor in America pageant on Fox. He appeared as a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show in February 2011.

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Soon however he was given a six digit phone number.