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Kevin kline dating

Neither film was successful at the box office, and pundits predicted they would soon be forgotten..a new force in the movie industry was emerging, video rentals, and SILVERADO, with it's spectacular action sequences, charismatic heroes, and sweeping, unforgettable music score (by Bruce Broughton), was an unexpected and overwhelming hit, drawing Hollywood's attention to the new market, and lifting the film to the near-classic cult status it enjoys today.

While PALE RIDER would focus on Clint Eastwood's continuing demythologizing of the West (which would culminate in 1992's UNFORGIVEN), SILVERADO embraces all the 'classic' Western clichés, serving them up with such exuberance that they seem 'fresh'.

The cast is absolutely perfect; Cleese makes a great subdued lawyer who wants to be a bad boy, Curtis is wonderful and just keeps you guessing (as perhaps her own character is guessing, as to what it is SHE wants), and Kline is perfectly annoying as the Nietzsche-quoting American.

This movie has strong shades of "The Big Sleep" and other Howard Hawks comedies, even going so far as to name Cleese's character "Leach" in honor of Cary Grant.

Although Phoebe Cates’ age is 53, she still looks gorgeous as ever.

This film should appeal to those with no classic movie knowledge, but for those who have seen "To Catch a Thief" and other caper classics, this is even more of a treat. Also big ups to Michael Palin for another memorable supporting performance.

Back in the ‘80s, Phoebe Cates was one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

However, after her popularity rose in the ’80s from stints on the big screen, she suddenly disappeared.

We have the details about why she stopped acting and what Phoebe Cates is doing now.

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They are able to get George arrested with him not knowing who tipped the ...