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The PSNI record on recruiting Catholics has stalled and gone into reverse. The reasons and excuses provided are well known but the results never change.The major aspect which has crystallised dissatisfaction in recent months is failure to deal with the past in ways which obstruct dealing with the past.There’s a distinctly unpleasant whiff beginning to rise from the PSNI.Yes, there are various surveys and polls indicating levels of satisfaction that the unlamented, discredited RUC could never have attained but there is growing dissatisfaction with critical aspects of policing and no sign they will be addressed.

“I hope that what we have achieved with this commemorative work is a fitting tribute to the memory and vision of the signatories of the Proclamation, and all those who stood with them.

We urge everyone who is racing triathlons, or who has aspirations to race triathlons, to be a part of the team and represent the Department at races.

We have coaches available to assist with your training and other resources to help you have a successful season. Train with the group locally at swim, bike, run sessions & clinics, or join the crew at our multi day camps in Lake Placid and New Paltz in the spring and summer.

On December 15, we had a lengthy self-serving epistle from the chief constable explaining why he is going to appeal a High Court order commanding him and his force ‘to expeditiously honour its enforceable public commitment to provide an overarching report into the Glenanne group of cases’.

This to be done independently, expeditiously and with ring-fenced funding. Justice Treacy issued such an order is that on July 28 he quashed the PSNI decision to abandon the HET inquiry into the notorious Glenanne-based police/UDR murder gang and ordered an independent investigation.

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People living in mixed districts and some Nationalist districts are deeply unhappy with the failure of the police to deal with loyalist flags and paraphernalia.