Www japanesedatingscene com

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Www japanesedatingscene com

We’re all used to seeing the foreign guy and Japanese girl arm in arm – but the Japanese guy and foreign girl still remains a rare species, right? When I realised the relationship wasn’t going to work, we broke up and I ventured into the Japanese dating scene, just looking for some fun.

When I arrived here a year and a half ago I actually had a boyfriend back home in London.

Around 70% of Japanese men have admitted to being ‘Herbivore Men’; which means they’re men that aren’t proactive in looking for a partner. Japanese people are generally quiet and avoid confrontation, so it’s no surprise Japanese guys seem shyer than the average foreigner.

If you’re speaking to a Japanese guy in your foreign tongue it can also be intimidating for them.

Let me tell you this: Japanese guys are awesome, and every foreign woman should have one.

For some reason, Japanese guys seem to have a bad reputation all over the world, but from my experience of dating they really aren’t that bad!

I worry about meeting his friends and family because my Japanese is poor.Brave the sober daytime karaoke date and show you’re a real trooper that can adapt to any situation!In every relationship, communication and trust go hand in hand.Positives I don’t think I would find in a relationship with a British man.My Japanese guy has a cultural and spiritual outlook on the world that doesn’t revolve around beer, boobs and football.

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