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It was alleged they exchanged details and communicated through Snapchat and Whats App.

Garda Faulkner told the bail hearing it was alleged the man first came to Ireland to meet her last year.

The defence told the court the man did not have ties to Ireland but submitted that he could live here while on bail, however, the garda said that was not satisfactory.

Clarke said it looked like the man had believed he was in a relationship with the girl.

Trips to Dublin Zoo and hotel It is alleged the relationship was unearthed by the girl’s mother who alerted gardaí and an investigation began.His bank accounts showed he won a substantial amount in the UK lotto, the garda said.Whats App messages and videos Analysis of his phone was conducted allegedly showing 69 images and five videos of the accused and the girl, the court was told.The court was also told that gardai allegedly recovered “images and videos of sexual activity taking place” and “some recording during the course of sexual activity”.Last year he bought her a designer ring worth €2,500 telling the shop assistant it was an engagement ring, the court heard.

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The officer believed he would evade trial if granted bail and he had a considerable amount of resources through his windfall, the court was told.