Benefits of using radiocarbon dating

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Benefits of using radiocarbon dating

The argument posed is that when the two frequencies are examined in Cymatics experiments, the patterns show that 432 Hz creates distinct shapes which indicate that they resonate with nature.

The 440 Hz tuning creates indistinct patterns revealing a lack of coherence.

Note Frequency (hz) - Mid Low (1 octave below middle C) C 128 D 144 E 162 F 176 G 192 A 216 B 243 -- Mid (middle C) C 256 D 288 E 324 F 352 G 384 A 432 B 486 -- Mid High (1 octave above middle C) C 512 D 576 E 648 F 704 G 768 A 864 B 972 Remember that the frequency is measured in cycles per second, which means it used the standard unit of time to determine the frequency number.

Since the unit of time -- the second -- is based on the rotation of the earth = 1/86,400 th of a day, this could emphasize some natural connection and perhaps there is some kind of mathematical resonance going on here.

It also might explain why modern music, which changed to the 440 Hz standard in 1939, has had such a negative effect on today's culture.

Much is made of the fact that 440 Hz is "unnatural" and creates subtle disharmony to the listeners.

Conard, an archaeologist at Tubingen University in Germany, said in an e-mail. Conard, one of the authors of the report, was the excavator of the artifacts at several of the caves.

Unfortunately, all of the experiments use the 440 Hz tuning.

What is badly needed is an f MRI study where non-musicians are exposed to unfamiliar musical pieces played in 440/432/and a control.

The arguments can get pretty technical with proponents of 432 claiming that it resonates with the Heart Chakra, repairs DNA and restores both spiritual and mental health.

There is even the suggestion that 432 tuned music stimulates the right brain, responsible for our most desirable human traits.

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I did locate an experiment published in the Journal of the Acoustic Society of America (114, 2409 2003) which had music students listen to classical compositions written by some world famous composers in 432 Hz tuning (Chopin, d'Albert, Bach, Debussy, Mozart and Reger) which were played in their original pitch and then played in 440 Hz.

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