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Rome italy dating site

When first constructed, the floor could be removed, allowing the arena to be flooded for sea battles called a naumachia; later Domitian added a complex of stores and holding rooms which were constructed on two floors and known as the hypogeum (meaning underground) which brought an end to the naumachia.

Animals and gladiators would be kept in the hypogeum until they were required in the arena when they would be lifted into the arena by a series of elevators, or guided up ramps.

The tour heads off to the Roman Forum and after exploring the surrounding area (the Curia and Reggia, the Temple of Vesta, the Arches of Titus and Constantine) is a visit to the Roman Colosseum (again, entrance ticket is included in the cost of tour and there'll be no queuing, security checks aside).

A Colossal statue of Nero, which stood by his palace was retained and it was that which gave it its name although its correct name was the The arena is 75 metres by 44 metres with the floor made of timber.

Vespasian never saw the amphitheatre completed as he died in 79 AD.

It fell to his sons, Titus and then Domitian to complete the project.

Simply select the ideal date for your visit by clicking on the calendar.

Once you've selected a date on the calendar we'll show you the tour options that are available, one or more of which may be of interest to you.

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