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Nigerian dating com

A pair of Facebook accounts that have achieved some fame due to the images of cash, cars and private jets are fake profiles whose modus is to scam unsuspecting users into sending money, a Khuluma Afrika Investigation revealing the true identities of the fraudsters has revealed.

The accounts, Charity Mnangagwa and Munangagwa Michael Sean became the subject of much debate after opponents of Zimbabwe’s incoming President Emmerson Mnangagwa picked them and began sharing them under a muted theme of ‘another Chatunga and Robert Jnr’.

Chatunga Mugabe and his brother Robert Jnr have been criticised on social media for their extravagant lifestyle and their pompous attitudes which have driven them to flaunt ill-gotten riches to millions of starving Zimbabweans.

Khuluma Afrika was first alerted this morning by a twitter user, who posted pictures of the alleged ‘Sean Munangagwa’ sitting in a private jet, while in other images he was holding hordes of spanking new Unites States Dollars.

The same happened over Whats App indicating that the pair had communicated.The images are also of poor quality and show signs of loss of quality compression.The sim cards used by the people behind these accounts do not have a physical address under their registration details but only point to a P. The cell numbers used by the people behind the profiles went straight to voicemail.Khuluma was able to obtain messages exchanged between the Charity account and unsuspecting users.In communication with Khuluma Afrika, the person behind the Charity account admitted the Sean account being a run by a brother.

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In the past, Emmerson Mnangagwa has been a victim of paid trolling by web brigades. In these kind of scams, criminals create a fake identity tied to a powerful business figure. Having built some rapport with users keen on developing a relationship with ‘children of powerful figures’, the scammers then create fake scenarios and request amounts of cash usually sent via mobile money.

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