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(It’s not a longitudinal study; each wave of data collection involves a brand new sample of people).

For the purposes of this study, the researchers limited their analyses to young adults (ages 18–25) who had completed at least one year of college.

But as the second graph below shows, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Respondents from the current era did ask about attitudes toward other types of sex that might be considered outside of the mainstream (at least until recently). Premarital sex is still widely accepted (by ~80 percent); extramarital sex is still widely condemned (by ~95 percent); and teen sex (ages 14-16) is still only accepted by about a quarter of the demographic.

Babyboomers throughout the USA, Canada, western Europe, and Scandinavia quite openly had a lot of casual sex, including across national borders because boomers in general traveled more than did their parents' generation. In fact, babyboomers across those countries provide the largest longterm studies researchers could ever hope for on both those topics- recreational drug use and casual sex! The planet didn't explode; we're still here; and those dope smoking, tripping hippies are about to retire judges, lawyers, doctors, educators, business owners, parents, military brass, and so on, as well as the new generation of grandparents.

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It was predominantly Roman Catholic although this has been changing over the past 20 years.

A large amount of cultural influence comes from the US through films, TV shows and music and therefore a large amount of what people do is based upon what they see their counterparts doing in the US.

Maybe we are missing one or two steps on the path but that is what we're going for.

This is all my opinion - it's not a study - but it would be interesting to see a study that shows how a Western country has changed and what part of that cultural revolution was influenced by US "soft power". Just like we used copious amounts of recreational (and illegal) drugs yet still grew up to be responsible citizens, we had casual sex with any number of people but still married and raised families.

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