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View all Continuing professional development is crucial to nurturing those skills needed to meet the needs of vulnerable children and young adults and can be can be achieved through a variety of methods such as seminars, workshops, exhibitions and training days.

They're not dull, they're healthy.” ( After comparing teens who have sex to a fish out of water, the curriculum goes on to compare premarital sex to gangs, violence, alcohol, and drugs when it describes all of these things as getting in the way of one's hopes and dreams. 109) This analogy is misleading, while many individuals and religions believe that premarital sexual behavior is wrong, this is far from a universal value.

The vast majority of Americans begin having sexual relationships in their teens, fewer than seven percent of men and 20 percent of women ages 18–50 were virgins when they were married, and only 10 percent of adult men and 22 percent of adult women report their first sexual intercourse was with their spouse.

177) With statements such as these, the curriculum seems to be creating a division between students who have remained abstinent who embody the positive character traits that the curriculum espouses-and teens who have had sexual intercourse who are portrayed as damaged or dirty.

attempts to address sexually active students with statements such as: “You did what you knew, and now you know better; and when you know better, you do better.

Once this is done, the teacher holds up the tape and shows that it is no longer clear but clouded with debris: “He left some very special things on this tape.The result is that students are instilled with fear and misunderstandings about sexual activity.The curriculum also uses messages of shame to create a divide between those students who have already been sexually active and those who have not.p.Because abstinence-only-until-marriage programs are often the only formal setting in which young people learn about sexuality, the information and messages in the curricula can have a lifelong impact on how they view sexuality.include a number of age-appropriate messages about abstinence for students such as: “Young teenagers are not mature enough for a sexual relationship that includes intercourse”; “Abstinence from intercourse has benefits for teenagers”; and “Teenagers in romantic relationships can express their feelings without engaging in sexual intercourse.” puts forth exaggerated messages about the inevitable dangers of sexual activity.

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The teacher is instructed to “Make the point that it's much easier to pull behavior down than to pull behavior up.

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