Xbox 360 not updating video library

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The extra pixels pushed by the X produce crystalline scenery that showcases games at their absolute best.

It's about the glistening, intricate architecture of forgotten catacombs in Rise of the Tomb Raider, the detailed reflection of the pock-marked moon as you trek through Gears of War 4's ruins, and the sand-blasted hieroglyphs on an Assassin's Creed Origins ancient temple.

The big studios pushing the technology to its full utilization are ushering the next leap for console gaming, offering an experience that, up until now, was restricted to higher-end PCs.

That's the thing about the Xbox One X – it's remarkably gimmick-free. It's razor-focused on delivering the best console gaming experience possible, and as long as Microsoft is able to produce the full amount of developer support it claims to have, Redmond will have achieved its aims.

It's a safe bet we won't see VR on the Xbox One X any time soon either.

As of writing, there's no Mixed or VR content available for the Xbox One platform, and Microsoft says its focus for WMR is on PC right now.

Higher resolution textures supported by millions of extra pixels create a sharper image across the board, particularly in the details of distant objects or intricate designs, such as the textures on enemies and weapons.

HDR gives the game some truly dramatic lighting, which elevates the campaign's cinematic qualities far beyond what the standard Xbox One is capable of.

Another game that sports truly noticeable improvements, surprisingly, is 2008's Fallout 3.

Microsoft is working to tidy up some of the Xbox 360's classic games, some of which really struggled on the old console.

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Unlike purchasing a gaming PC, with a console purchase, you're also locking yourself into a specific storefront.

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