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That day of peaceful quiet Rest and Sleep occurred on the 7th day of the Shuruppak Flood with man's annihilation.On the seventh day the gods at last enjoyed their Shabbat Rest from toil with _peaceful sleep_ because of the _silence_ on the earth achieved with man's demise.The one-sided version of this may be a Villainous Crush. See Foe Romance Subtext for the less explicit version of this, and Fatal Attraction when it's more dangerous. He was joined in the abuse by his brother, Robert Hutton, 63, who was sentenced to five years' imprisonment.

"Those who are, or have been, the victim of sexual assaults will be believed and supported by dedicated investigators.

I understand that many of the Hebrew notions about the relationship between God and Man are deliberate _refutations_and_challenges_ of the beliefs held by the Mesopotamians, said refutations being in the form of a series of 180 degree "inversions" or "reversals" of earlier Mesopotamian concepts.

The gods had created man to be their slave to provide them with daily food rations from their gardens of edin (edin being the uncultivated plain of Sumer surrounding the cities and city-gardens built by the gods for themselves to live in _before_ man's creation) for all of eternity (man is to endure back-breaking toil in these gardens growing the gods' food) thereby giving themselves the equivalent of an eternal Shabbat or Sabbath Rest from earthly toil.

Man's toil will provide the gods with life's necessities: food, shelter and clothing (The gods needed to eat earthly food or they would starve to death, in Mesopotamian myths the gods can die).

The gods would _never_ release man from the grievous toil in their gardens of edin and grant him immortality because they did not want to resume again their previous grievous toil in providing life's necessities for themselves.

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The Hebrews apparently objected to the Mesopotamian storyline and denied that Yahweh-Elohim had created man to endure back-breaking toil in his Garden of Eden to give God a break from self-toil in growing his own food (Yet Yahweh is fed food twice a day like a Mesopotamian god beginning with the Exodus at Mount Sinai and this feeding of God is to continue for all of eternity -even after the Messiah comes- as Ezekiel envisions a future Messiah at Jerusalem with the help of Levitical priests preparing God's daily food via burnt offerings and sacrifices cf. In defense of their way of life the nomadic herdsmen apparently took the city-dwellers myths and recast them _via a series of inversions_ in such a way as to portray themselves (Abraham and Abel being shepherds) as blessed by God and the city-dwellers (Cain and his descendants) as the accursed by God. Flood silt layer which brought and end to the Jamdet Nasr Period at Tell Fara (ancient Shuruppak) found by Schmidt in his 1931 excavations at this site. This account noted that a god had warned one man to build a great boat and put aboard it the seed of man and animalkind for a new post-flood beginning.