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So, why to write in the slogan something which has nothing to do with the truth? Now let’s go on with this Wazzum review and see how much this solution costs and what license types it has.There are several “packages”: Standard Package - 9.00 This package does not include the Flash Live Video Instant Messenger, Flash Live Video Chat or the Web Recorder.The admin doesn’t have a section to edit the language, to edit the template. You can just manage the site and users, nothing else. The price of the custom design is 399 dollars and there MUST be a place in admin CP to give the owner of the site an opportunity to make some changes in the template, or create a new template. The software has 1 default template and it seems that the template is created in half an hour using the standard shapes of Photoshop.In this way Wazzum just makes the customers order an expensive custom design to be created by the Photoshop novice we were talking about above :) Support. Who will be fixing your errors if there’s nobody to answer pre-sale inquiry calls? The custom design costs too much and there is no gallery of already created designs so the customers can see what they can or will get.So, Wazzum has taken Word Press, removed all the brands which he hadn't a right to do and created his site and software on that solution, which, surely, is illegal. This is confusing and I doubt that it was done on purpose. Completed the form, clicked on Register and got the following! And this is a solution which costs at least 199 bucks???The prove of that is above and on all the pages of the web-site when you look at the source code. Any free solution like Joomla or Drupal will work and look much better!! How should the solution work when the demo DOES NOT WORK???In June, reported that the upcoming i Mac Pro will include a Secure Enclave, suggesting the machine would indeed include an ARM-based coprocessor as on the Mac Book Pro.

UPDATE: Just received a letter from Wazzum: "You're an absolute moron if you think my software is wordpress.The standard package doesn’t have any media possibilities and features.I doubt that anybody will need to have a dating site without such basic features nowadays.As noted by Troughton-Smith, the A10 will manage the booting process and security for the i Mac Pro, and with hooks into system audio, he theorized that the chip might support always-on "Hey Siri." Rumors of ARM-based chips being included in Macs have been circulating for some time, and with the T1 chip appearing in the Mac Book Pro to drive the Touch Bar last year, the rumor began coming to fruition.The T1 was just the first step in the process, however, with reporting in February that a custom "T310" ARM-based Mac chip similar to the T1 could be included in future Macs and take on some additional functionality such as handling "Power Nap" low-power mode functionality.

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All the Flash Live Video Instant Messenger, Flash Live Video Chat, Web Recorder and all the other premium features.

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  1. When discussing this with a good friend of mine he told me not to throw the baby out with the bath water, implying that I should just filter out the bad stuff that I see/experience and keep the good stuff.