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He plotted to take the Cullens down but, having seen that very confusing vision of the future from Alice, realized it wouldn't have worked out well to say the ended up retreating back to his lair where he could continue to feast on tourists in peace.Discover which As the shy new kid in school, Bella was immediately befriended by a tight-knit group that briefed her on the ins-and-outs of life in Forks, WA (and, you know, on that strange and ethereal-looking Cullen family). Of the Forks High grads, Justin Chon has one of the most diverse resumes: he has a degree in Business Administration from USC, co-owns So Cal apparel store Attic, works as an actor and director on a slew of indie projects, and is a serious regular on Dr. Oh, and Justin is also a member of K-pop band Bg A, which began as a parody group (read: 5 guys who can’t sing, can’t dance and don’t speak fluent Korean) and still managed to score a #2 hit on the i Tunes K-pop charts. After the saga ended, he swapped vampires for zombies and starred in two seasons of Syfy’s in season 4 playing Rosita, a periphery character who has turned into a series regular.IRL, she’s a huge animal lover and has just given birth to her first child.The ageless, ancient Cullen family somehow managed to"live" a "normal" life by pretending to sleep, eat, attend school and work like regular people. Carlisle stole them blood on the regs but still.) To be fair, though, As the patriarch and literal-creator of the Cullen family, Carlisle had so much control over his bloodlust that he chose to spend his days in the ER. ) IRL, Facinelli has had loads of success in TV, with major roles in — she and Ian are currently expecting their first child.

He keeps a low social media profile IRL, but maybe it’s because his three children keep him busy.

It’s only when a pair of Chinese assassins start massacring the FBI at a Beijing hotel that the drama finally jolts awake from its queasy reveries.

That Grace Gummer’s government agent Dom, a Season 2 addition, has so quickly become the show’s highlight is telling: The show is failing not just Elliot, but pretty much every other character as well.

And besides, both Bella and Edward are still super famous, even if they're no longer together forever.

But what about the rest of the cast members that helped make the fantasy series such a success? lore, actor Michael Newton also auditioned for the part of Robert Cullen but had to settle for playing Mike Newton (much like his character had to settle for being friendzoned by Bella).

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