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“It seems as if kids were transferring when they wanted to and being able to play at other schools even when they weren’t moving.I can’t blame parents for wanting to send their kids where they think is the best place for them, but it seems like kids were already moving where they wanted to go.There are million ways to learn, some like to repeat words others memorize by singing!I want to help people discover their strengths and use them to have fun with languages.Finnish is the best secret language in the world and I invite you to learn it with me!

“To me personally, I don’t know how it really affects much anyway,” Patton said.

I am Saara, teacher of Finnish and English languages from Finland.

I have always been passionate about languages, teaching as well as learning them.

“This seems like a big legislation, but it seems like they could’ve enforced the rules they already had and just make them a little more lenient.” Arnold football coach Josh Wright agreed.

“The appeals process has just basically been a bunch of paperwork,” Wright said.” I don’t know of anyone being turned down.

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A third offense triggers another $5,000 forfeiture of salary and an automatic review of a teacher’s certification, which can be revoked for three years if the Florida Department of Education finds probable cause.